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My Fence And My Neighbor


Songwriter and guitarist Cosy Sheridan has been called “one of the era’s finest and most thoughtful songwriters.”  Her CD, Pretty Bird, was listed among Sing Out Magazine’s Great CDs of 2014.

 Her songs are carefully crafted. “Cosy writes intelligent and clever lyrics with stickable melodies,” wrote Sing Out.  In 1992, she won both the Kerrville Folk Festival and the Telluride Bluegrass Festival songwriting contests. 

 She’s been on the road ever since. “You can't make it into double digits, and continue touring for twenty or so years unless you know what you're doing, and do it well. Rarely do you find a cd where every song is memorable. It happens, just not often. It happens here," wrote The Chicago Examiner.

She has released 12 cds on the Waterbug and Windriver record labels. For the past 25 years, she has taught classes in songwriting, performance and guitar at workshops and adult music camps across the country. She is the director and founder of Moab Folk Camp in Moab, Utah.

 My Fence and My Neighbor is the new  CD from Cosy Sheridan and Charlie Koch  - their first shared project.

 Cosy wrote the  cd title track , “My Fence & My Neighbor”,  in the weeks after the January 2017 presidential inauguration;  she felt a need for connection and community despite having built a fence to protect her privacy.  “When the neighbors first moved in, I”m the one who built the fence… We are living in interesting times / the sky falls everyday… This morning I don’t need my fence; I need my neighbor on the other side.  A video  of the song received 30,000 views in a matter of days.

 The second song on the cd, “We Plow In The Rain”, was written after watching the songwriting contest at The Kerrville Folk Festival in 2017.  When the contest was over, she sat with a songwriter who did not win.  “Here in this world we plow in the rain /  we toil in the field to gather whatever will grow, /  and I know your father was right / this might be the hard way.”

 Charlie Koch spent much of his career as a professional horsemen. He says it taught him the value of listening and staying present - both are  good skills for a musician. Charlie’s songwriting is deeply personal - often looking back at life’s passages. In “Missing My Children”, he writes of the pain experienced by many after a divorce: missing events in his children’s life: “I’ve been talking with ghosts in the attic/ they are tattered and frayed, moth-eaten with age/ why is being here again/ supposed to heal the pain”.

 Cosy and Charlie’s  concerts are full of energy and emotionality. Backed by the strong rhythms of Charlie’s bass , Cosy plays a percussive bluesy guitar style  - often in open tunings and occasionally with 2 or more capos on the guitar.  

 Cosy met Charlie Koch in 2012 when Charlie was Cosy’s songwriting student at a music camp. Cosy gave him a cd at the end of the week - and Charlie gave her a kiss goodnight.  They started playing music together  soon after that.  They live in the Boston area.


"Her user-friendly musical philosophy sets her happily apart from the myopic, self-involved songwriters... she is a wonderfully lively, very funny and enormously amiable entertainer with a keen and wicked eye for the excesses of our fast-food, tv-happy  and noisome culture." - The Boston Globe

"A Buddhist monk in a 12-step program trapped in the body of a singer/songwriter." - The Albuquerque Journal

"Sheridan is frank, feisty, sublimely and devilishly funny. She fuses myth with modern culture, Persephone with Botox." - Cornell Folksong Society