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Maryland, New York, New Hampshire

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My Fence And My Neighbor


Napoleon - The Musical

Cosy Sheridan
Cosy Sheridan, Charlie Koch


I will sing of an early French export
Napoleon and his empire - both were short
before the Louvre or Catherine Deneuve
there was the man (a)
he said “I will take Vienna”

We sing Waterloo, the Guillotine
The empress Josephine
the little man has a dream
goes and gets a big machine
then Wellington comes on the scene
has a better sailing team
sends our little fiend off to Elba

He took Italy, Spain and Prussia
which is Germany and Poland now
but it sounds like Russia
you won’t find Russia on a map of Europe anymore
it was an empire that failed
what should we learn about that for?

He knew how to set a goal and say I think I can
which doesn’t sound French, but he was Corsican
so when you lose the game don’t sit on the bench
Napoleon ruled France, and he wasn’t even French

In his coffin, inside his French cut suit
his body they say is missing the manly root
it was embalmed, we could stick it back on but who could tell
by now the rest of him is missing as well.

© Cosy Sheridan, Cosyng Music, BMI 2015