Cosy Sheridan


Salmon River Trip

Come rafting with us on the Salmon River in Idaho -  July 5 -10, 2019

This is our first rafting trip - we hope you will come with us! The Salmon River is famous for its large sandy beaches for camping, warm water for swimming, fun and easy whitewater and great trout fishing.

Have you always wanted to try rafting? Me, too. This is my first Sleep Overnight On The River, Go Through the Rapids and Hike In The Canyons River trip. When they told me I could bring my yoga mat, I decided I could do this. I've always wanted to. Never done it yet. Come try it with me!

  Middle Fork River Expeditions in Salmon, Idaho has been guiding river trips for 60 years. We can bring 22 people. Here is the link for their musical river adventures

 Middle Fork River Expeditions has a page of very helpful travel suggestions for how to get there and where to stay the night before. Here's the link:   We will be rafting on the "main stem" of the Salmon River.  The trip itinerary is here: 

 To sign up for the trip, email me (cozoid - at- ) - or call Middle Fork Expeditiions at  800-801-5146  or email them at

One correction to the flyer below: they provide wine; if you want beer (like me) then we bring it with us (in cans). :)

* Please forgive us for this mistake in our flyer: they provide wine. We can bring as much beer as we want - as long as it's in cans.