The Song Sessions 2024 :  Sept 27 - 29 

Concert Friday night at Nelson Town Hall 

Workshops Saturday and Sunday.

Songwriting • Singing • Guitar

Cosy Sheridan • Sloan Wainwright • Charlie Koch • Glen Roethel

We are planning for Song Sessions 2024!  Sloan Wainwright had to cancel at the last minute last year and Susie Burke stepped in (and knocked it out of the park!)

Sloan Wainwright will be our vocal teacher for 2024.  Glen Roethel and Charlie Koch will each teach a guitar class. Cosy Sheridan will lead the songwriting class.

More info coming soon!

To register or for more info, send an email to cosysheridan (at)



Sloan Wainwright is a songwriter, singer, performer, teacher, mentor and collaborator. A unique hybrid of pop, folk, jazz and blues, Wainwright’s music is unified by her melodious tone and rich, powerful contralto. Over the course of a 30-year career in music, she has played the great concert halls, the most storied listening rooms and top music festivals while also teaching at the nation’s leading music retreats. She has inspired hundreds of students on their creative journeys and collaborated with dozens of musicians, writers, choreographers and performers. 

Cosy Sheridan has been called “a buddhist monk in a twelve-step program trapped in the body of a singer-songwriter” and also one of the era’s finest and most thoughtful songwriters. She first caught the attention of national folk audiences in 1992 when she won both the Kerrville Folk Festival's NewSong Award and The Telluride Bluegrass Festival Troubadour Contest, and then released her critically acclaimed CD, Quietly Led. A guitar student of instrumental luminaries Guy Van Duser and Eric Schoenberg, and a voice student at The Berklee School of Music, she brings a depth of experience to her craft. Backed by strong rhythms and harmonies by her bass player Charlie Koch, she plays a percussive bluesy guitar style. She is the director and founder of Moab Folk Camp in Moab, Utah.

Charlie Koch has trained horses, sailed across the Atlantic more than once, and fronted an R&B band. He skippered a race boat for Buckminster Fuller. He whipped in for a fox hunt in Ireland and saddle-broke young horses on a breeding farm in France. He taught tennis, skiing, and horseback riding. He trained as a body-oriented psychotherapist. These days he tours playing bass for his wife, singer/songwriter Cosy Sheridan.

Glen Roethel is an award-winning singer/songwriter/entertainer with thousands of hit songs up his sleeves knows what makes performing exciting. He brings an irresistible energy to song camps, events, music gatherings, and joyful concerts as Sloan's accompanist.