1. Come On Back

From the recording A Beautiful Sound

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Come On Back

Let us say I woke up this morning
to find myself in this brand new life
10 years ago I would never have believed
I’d wake up someone else’s happy wife

and that you would not be out there in the kitchen
making coffee and talking to the cat
Everything turns on the moment
Come on back from the dead and say “Hey I wrote that.”

Come on back and tell us your story
Fall out of heaven with a perfect rhyme
Come on back and claim the words I stole from your song
They’re worth stealing, it’s a really good line

Sometimes I wonder how it all worked out
how in the moment you just can’t see
how the cat and the porch and the whole damn life
are setting you up to set you free

it was like getting on a ride at a summer fair
that goes up and down, too fast around the bend
I never got in those lines cause I am not the kind
who wants to be screaming at the end

Every life is a bit unfinished
Some business will get deferred
Some of us are just born with the knack
for the economy of the word

© Cosy Sheridan 2021