From the recording A Beautiful Sound

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All you gotta do is be happy
happy’s gonna get you by
better not to make it a project
happy isn’t something you try

All you gotta know is it will come and go
it wasn’t designed to stay
All you gotta do is be happy
just some part of your day

All you gotta do is be happy
with the moment as it arrives
Happy isn’t looking for a medal
he’s just happy to be alive

but don’t hold too tight
that’s not what he likes
then he gets hard to find
Happy doesn’t really like mondays
but he’s trying to change his mind

he’s gonna hang around
putter out in the yard
he’s gonna let you down
if you expect him to work too hard

Happy is kind of like breathing
and kind of like a gordian knot
if all you want to do is be happy
pretty soon you’re not

© Cosy Sheridan 2020