From the recording A Beautiful Sound

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I leave dishes in the sink
it bothers you a lot
it would better if I did not
leave dishes in the sink
I think we agree
the sink means one thing to you
and another to me

I leave dishes in the sink
my mother was a housewife
trapped in a time that said
here is your life
in dishes and cleaning
she found little meaning
but my mother stood at the sink

You'd think our dishwasher would make
this problem go away
but I remember my mother every day
reach and bend
load and unload again
my mother stood at the sink

she was married to a man
who was raised to think
what he did all day meant
he didn't have to stand at the sink
or the dust pan, or the broom
my mother told me
every day you clean one room

I built myself a life
with few dishes to do
cause when I stand at the sink
it's like she's standing there too
and I fall on my knees
and I praise the day
I can leave this sink and walk away

one dish, one room, one day after another
I leave dishes in the sink
to rescue my mother

© Cosy Sheridan 2019