From the recording A Beautiful Sound

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How We Come Apart

I don’t want to hear how you’re holding it together
I want to hear how you’re coming apart
not how you tell yourself to sit down and grow up
but how you hold your own broken heart

You break every dish in the kitchen
you spill your wine on the stairs
you threw out your back cleaning the closet
it’s going to hell do you care?

I want to know what you are packing
into the tiny bag in your dream
I’d like us to drink a little too much
agree it’s as bad as it seems

Some company here on the couch
I’ve been sitting here a lot
I don’t want to know how you’re coping
I want to know how you are not

How do we break and break
down to the smallest piece
the little particle where the psyche
finds release
the building block of the broken heart
it’s instructive how we come apart

I’m thinking of buying a tent
roughing it used to be something I know
the old woman saw this coming
she says it’s just how it has to go

I made a little madonna
out of modeling clay
I don’t give up all the time
just on alternate days

How do we break and break
down to the smallest part
the little piece where your personality starts
it’s instructive what we’re learning
how the house falls down when it’s burning

© Cosy Sheridan, Cosyng Music 2020