From the recording A Beautiful Sound

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Put away all of your angry
put away all of your sad
put away all of the winter
and the dream you had
take out this little seed
it’s the hope we all need
I will love you to the moon.

To the moon
on the mornings when you’re feeling old
all the warnings you were ever told
seem to be coming true
To the moon
when you can’t remember how or why
love might hang in your sky

Put away all your receipts
what you owe and what you’ll keep
how you plan to survive
when the drop is sudden and steep
Let the afternoon come
maybe not get anything done
I will love you to the moon

Sing with all the space inside
let it fall out don’t even try
for the back of the room
or the notes way up high
let it vibrate in your chest
maybe this song will help you rest
I will love you to the moon.