From the recording A Beautiful Sound

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Kissing You All The Way Down

On a round planet
like a ball of twine
no matter how we plan it
this might all unwind
If it’s just how it is
that we will fall to the ground
I’d like to be kissing you all the way down

Once I made a list
of who I hoped to find
Number 1 was a kiss
Number 2 was kind
Number 3 was practical
how the bills get paid
I’d give up Number 3
but the kisses have to stay

I don’t mean the kind
where they pucker up tight
and what you see coming at you
can be a frightening sight
I mean the kind that connect
the earth to the sky
the flower of fire that goes shooting on by

Now the worlds in trouble
and things aren’t good
and I haven’t been kissing you
like I wish I would
I’ve been reading the news
and getting prepared
and my mouth gets thin and tight
when I’m scared

It troubles my mind
I cannot rest
when there’s a target pinned to your chest
so mostly I am just washing my hands
cleaning the counters
in a vigilant stand
to keep the world
from coming in here to get you
But right now I’ll just remember
the first kiss when I met you.

© Cosy Sheridan